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We thought it was time for a brand new 3D modeling challenge on MH Tutorials and this time
Dogwood Gaming and I collaborated to invite you to create your very best medieval / fantasy weapon.
The winner of the contest will see his or her model end up as a featured weapon in the soon to be released game called Ocracy by Dogwood Gaming.

Time line

Challenge announce date : Monday, August 12th
Closing date for entry : Monday, November 18th at midnight CET timezone
Voting starts ( on YouTube ) on Wednesday, November 20th
Voting ends ( on YouTube ) on Wednesday November 27th
Winner announcement ( on YouTube ) on Monday, December 2nd

model specs

  • Model description : Fantasy weapon that can range from as primitive as a club, to as
    advanced as an early Arquebus rifle, as well as anything magical.

  • The model file must be in an FBX format

  • The maximum poly count of the model is 15K ( 15,000 polygonal faces )

  • Model must be properly UVed with no UV overlap, stretching etc.

  • Texture files maximum resolution 2K ( single or multiple texture maps are allowed )

  • Normal map is required

  • Style of the model : Realistic, but not hyper realistic, no stylized or simplified models, they need to look awesome up close. See images below for reference

Challenge rules

  • One entry per person

  • By submitting an entry you declare your entry to be 100% original and that you have all the rights to it.

  • The model may not have any existing marks or logos that may create a copyright infringement

  • The piece to be created can be described as a fantasy / medieval weapon

  • By submitting en entry you allow MH Tutorials and / or Dogwood Gaming to display your entry on- or offline for publication purposes without compensation.

  • You will carry over all rights of your model in case you win and Dogwood Gaming will have the right
    to use that model commercially in their game Ocracy. The only compensation that you receive will be the
    exposure for your work and your name in the game credits. No financial benefits out of the game proceeds
    or otherwise can be claimed at any time from either Dogwood Gaming or MH Tutorials.

How to enter

Send a rendered image ( in JPEG file format with proper size and resolution ) before Monday, November 18th per e-mail to


The public voting video will go up on my YouTube channel on November 20th.
The public will be allowed to cast a vote ( 1 per person ) until November 27th.

Based on the public voting results the professional jury will take the top 5 entries and invite the entries
to e-mail their FBX file, their texture maps etc for assessment.

The jury does have a wild card. If the jury believes an entry should have been in the top they have the option to choose 1 extra entry.

In the very, very unlikely event that none of the entries meet the qualification criteria Dogwood Gaming has the option to choose none.

Good luck, have fun and may the best entry win !

Mike Hermes ( MH Tutorials ) & Sam Martino ( Dogwood Gaming )

Click the image to scrub through the gallery

and get a sense of the style of the game

#MakeAMike challenge

A while back in my Facebook hangout group a couple or artists thought it might be fun to model
yours truly. I don’t know what they were thinking, but hey :-)
Now this was intended as a quick and fun "on the side” thing but as you can see, some went “"all in”
Anyway, 3 artists actually decided to enter and here are the results.

The winner will be announced on my channel soon.

Henry Chervenka

Henry Chervenka

Entry by Boban Surbek

Entry by Boban Surbek

Entry by Elly Chandz

Entry by Elly Chandz